My blog button displays HAES, Health at Every Size. Wikipedia describes it as “a health centered (as opposed to weight centered) system that focuses on intuitive eating and pleasurable physical activity rather than dieting and weight loss. It was conceived by Linda Bacon in 2005.” In other words, HAES focuses on exactly what it sounds like: Health. There is a preconceived notion in our world that only certain body types can be healthy. HAES turns that on its head entirely. It also moves away from our diet-centered culture (a billion dollar industry!) and moves towards an intuitive eating approach and also balances out pleasurable eating and movement.

While I have mixed feelings about intuitive eating (which I will get into in a later post perhaps), I think HAES is a wonderful movement. There is even a whole community dedicated to resources and even a HAES pledge.

Living a Body Positive Life, I think it’s important to focus on overall health, not size or weight. When you provide yourself with good self-care, you’ll find a subtle focus shift from weight loss to wellbeing.

What are your thoughts on HAES?